Introducing the 20/20 Referral Program

  • Simply refer friends and family to our office.
  • You will recieve a $20 credit to be used at your next visit.
  • The person you refer will also recieve a $20 credit.
  • Pick up a referal card in our office, print the one below, or have them mention your name and we will track it from there.
  • Unfortunately does not apply to people sharing the same address as you.

20/20 Referral Program





  • No inurance, no worries. With package discounts providing up to 30% off our regular prices, we offer the highest quality and fashionable eyewear that is surprisingly affordable.
  • 2nd Pair Discounts! 50% off the purchase of a second pair of glasses (must be made at the same time as original purchase).
  • Sunglasses. 50% off non-prescription sunglasses with the purchase of a year supply of contact lenses or 25% off non-prescription sunglasses without the purchase of contact lenses!

Contact Lenses

  • Immediate discounts of up to $40.
  • PLUS manufactures mail in rebates of up to $120.
  • Free shipping on a year supply.
  • On-line ordering for 24/7 convienence!
  • Prices equal and often less than 1-800 Contacts and Walmart!